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Do you have a couch that’s starting to look a bit used? If you do, it may not have the life or charm that helped you buy it. There are so many different ways to revive your old furniture. Why not re-create it into a new piece?


AquaGreen Creations can replace anything that needs to be fixed or replaced on your couch.

Changing fabric is a fun way to add a splash of color and personality to your living space. If you’re looking for a professional, affordable interior design consultation, then you’ve come to the right place. AquaGreen can provide you with a variety of home improvement services. Why give up on your cozy couch when you can make it look great with a new slipcover or an updated exterior? Your sofa deserves a second chance and our goal is to bring life back to your sofa.

Residential Furniture Upholstery or Re-Upholstery:

  • Sofa
  • Loveseat
  • Sectional
  • Recliner
  • Ottoman
  • Dining Chairs

Commercial | Office Furniture Upholstery or Re-Upholstery

  • Restaurants
  • Office Chairs
  • Hospital
  • Chairs
  • Lobby

If you’re comfortable with the appearance of your couch, but aren’t comfortable when you sit on it, we can help.

The springs/webs/foam in your sofa can be repaired or replaced to make your couch comfortable again.

You’ve got to have great technicians to work with the latest technology and know how to use it. Here at Digital Photo Solution, we have them.

We are very proud of our quality furniture repair.

Choose to give your furniture a new meaning, and we will take care of the rest.

Headboard Upholstery | Reupholstery

An upholstered headboard is a stylish and affordable way to bring modern style to your bedroom.

A headboard is one of the most important decisions you can make for your bedroom.

It’s an important choice that sets the tone for other furniture and the mood for the room itself.

You can easily customize this one piece of furniture to fit your changing needs.

The answer is when you want to create a soft and textured focus for a bed.

AquaGreen can create a personalized headboard just for you.

Cornices Boxed or Board

Cornices give a beautiful finish to all windows, dramatically enhancing any room.

If you’re looking for an amazing window treatment idea for your home, check out Window Treatments.

You can easily match the colors and patterns of this window cornice to your existing pillows, furniture, and/or carpet.

A cornice board is one of the few things that can completely transform a room’s mood.

One thing we all know about our homes is that they need a little something extra to bring them to life.

Call us for a free, no-obligation, on-site estimate.

Whether you need fabric samples or have an upcoming upholstery project, we can provide samples that will help you make the right choice for your fabric


There are many different types of tufted sofas designs, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, then go for tufted leather sofas.

This is how to make them work for you. Sofas that are tufted are the rage with modern homeowners.

Every home decor and furniture shop is displaying these beauties to the hilt.

Tufted sofas are easy on the eyes and don’t require the hefty price tag that most modern furniture does. Just be sure to match the style and color scheme of your home décor.

This style of furniture is as much at home in a vintage living room as in a mid-century or modern drawing room. But what is a tufted sofa?

This is a sofa that has an interesting design, using upholstered buttons on its surface to create interesting patterns.

Channel, biscuit, and diamond tufting designs are the most popular.

Take a look at some of our favourite tufted sofas along with tips on how you can style one in your own home.